MARCH 2005
Mr. Bungle vocalist Mike Patton will soon be making his debut as solo scorer for an American film by composing and performing the music for "Pinion," an independent movie currently under production by Scimmia Piccola Productions. For more about "Pinion" see the Scimmia Piccola Productions website.


Mr. Bungle Kaput
An article by Greg Prato in this month's Rolling Stone entitled "Mr. Bungle Go Kaput" may be the closest thing to an official break-up announcement we are ever going to get. Featured are statements by vocalist Mike Patton about the split including, "We could have probably squeezed out a couple more records but the collective personality of this group became so dysfunctional," and "This band was poisoned by one person's petty jealousy and insecurity, and it led us to a slow, unnatural death."

of Natural History

MAY 2004
Book of Horizons"Book of Horizons" is out, and a newly updated Web of Mimicry website has been launched to go along with it. There you will find an updated gallery of essentials, a new message board, and a few other surprises. An interview with Trey Spruance about the new album appears in the current issue of Melbourne, Australia's BEAT Magazine.

See also the recent site for Game Audio Magic, a game music, movie scoring, and album production company formed by Trey Spruance, Tim Smolens, and Jeff Attridge.

APRIL 2004
The Mr. Bungle store is open (again) at The Official Mr. Bungle website. Various shirts from over the years are now available, including the beloved "There's A Tractor In My Balls Again" design. The store is powered by Cinderblock, who have screens for all of the designs, we are told, and will be able to print as many shirts as demand requires.

The new Secret Chiefs 3 release, "Book of Horizons," will now be out on May 18th, and pre-orders of the CD ($14) can be made at On "Book of Horizons" the long-rumored Spruance projects FORMS & Holy Vehm will finally make an appearance among the seven individually named "configurations" of the band which make up the album.

Fant˘mas begin the European leg of their tour in support of "Delýrium Cordýa" in early May. See the tour dates section or the Ipecac Recordings website for details.

In related (and somewhat odd) news, a Lynx Dry anti-perspirant commercial featuring "Page 9" by Fant˘mas has been airing in the UK. A clip of the ad can be downloaded in the archives section of the Ipecac Recordings website.

MARCH 2004

South By Southwest

The release of the next Secret Chiefs 3 album has been pushed back to May-ish. However, there will be a Mimicry Records showcase at the South By Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas on St. Patrick's Day featuring the Secret Chiefs 3, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Dengue Fever, and Estradasphere. Those who attend can pick up a new Mimicry Records sampler CD.

Dengue Fever will also be playing for free at the Spaceland in Los Angeles every Monday evening during the month of March. See their official website for more information.

Mike Patton will be performing with Rahzel again during a small Eastern U.S. tour in early March. See the tour dates section.

Fant˘mas embark on a North American tour with Melt Banana this month, beginning with a free show at Amoeba Music in Hollywood on March 24th. See the tour dates section or the Ipecac Recordings website for details.

Mr. Bungle continues to be "over" according to some involved, and "in limbo" according to others. We aren't holding our breath for an official statement or another release.


Bungle Fever