Web-Based Message Boards

There are endless web-based message boards available. The trick is finding the ones with reasonable activity levels. Bungle Fever now has its own message board at http://bbs.bunglefever.com. Anyone may register and post in on- & off-topic forums and a user photo album here.

There are also several Mr. Bungle Yahoo! Groups where fans can post messages, enter Mr. Bungle chat-rooms, and share images, all on Yahoo!.

Artist Direct's Mr. Bungle Message Board allows messages to be posted anonymously or with a nickname & email address attached. New posts seem to appear here once in a blue moon, however.


A USENET newsgroup is a discussion group consisting of collections of related articles that are posted to a news server. Newsgroups can be read and contributed to by nearly everyone on the internet, and there are thousands of newsgroups covering a wide range of subjects. Popular web browsers often feature their own news readers, and some freeware USENET clients are Free Agent for Windows, Xnews for Windows, and MT-Newswatcher for Macintosh.

The Mr. Bungle newsgroup is called alt.music.mr-bungle. Several dozen new articles typically appear on it daily, including occasional posts by people close to the band with the latest "official" information. It is not moderated, and anyone may contribute, however you may want to visit the alt.music.mr-bungle Frequently Asked Questions site before you post.

If you do not have access to alt.music.mr-bungle through your current internet service provider's news server, or you just want to avoid downloading a separate newsgroup program, you can access the Mr. Bungle group through Google Groups with your current web browser.

Internet Relay Chat

IRC is a chat network that tens of thousands of people world-wide connect to daily for live discussions on a variety of subjects. IRC clients include mIRC for Windows, Bersirc for Windows, Ircle for Macintosh, and ChatNet for Macintosh. Channels (rooms) of interest include #bungle.fever on EFnet and #ipecac on DALnet, but new channels are easily created and pop up constantly.

Connect to any EFnet or DALnet server and type "/join #channel", substituting the appropriate channel name. You can also connect to #bungle.fever via the Java applet linked above.


There is a Bungle Fever room on the Soulseek network for people interested in trading or discussing Mr. Bungle and related material. For more information about Soulseek, or to download the latest version of it, visit the official website at http://www.slsknet.org/.

To join the Bungle Fever room once connected, view the rooms list, right click on it, select "Create Room," and enter "Bungle Fever" (capitalization and spacing are important).

There is also the Bungle Fever Torrents site, which collects torrents of live audio & video by Mr. Bungle and other artists, specifically large video files (VCD, SVCD, & DVD) and lossless audio files (FLAC). For information about torrents, visit the site.

Mailing Lists

The Caca Volante mailing list is an email list that exists for the discussion of topics related to Mr. Bungle and several other bands. Messages from subscribers are received as inidividual emails, or as a weekly collection called a digest. For more information about the list, you may visit The Caca Volante Website.

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