Originally recorded in 1987 on cassette. Released without band permission in 1991 (Playhouse Productions) as a bootleg cassette erroneously titled "Bowl of Chiley," and again in 1997 (Rastacore Records) as a CD that was sold by several large music stores until the band put a stop to it. The cover image is from the CD bootleg. Two versions of "Bowel of Chiley" exist, with slightly different Mr Bungle - Bowel of Chiley lists:

Bowl of Chiley cover art
  1. For No Reason
  2. Definition of Shapes
  3. Carousel
  4. Evil Satan
  5. Walkin' In Circles
  6. Snap, Crackle, Pop
  7. Cottage Cheese
  8. Incoherence
  9. No Strings Attached
  10. Hi!
  11. Fart In A Bag
  12. Freight Train
  1. For No Reason
  2. Nicotina
  3. Incoherence
  4. Carousel
  5. Evil Satan
  6. Jumping (part one)
  7. Jumping (part two)
  8. Cottage Cheese
  9. You Can't Make Me Mad
  10. ( )
  11. Freight Train
  12. No Strings Attached
  13. Fart in a Bag
  14. Walkin' in Circles

Mike Patton - Vocals
Trevor Dunn - Bass
Trey Spruance - Guitar
Hans Wagner - Drums
Theo Lengyel - Saxophone
Scott Fritz - Trumpet

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