Mr. Bungle, Cybertalk, 10/30/95

A Warning from Max Warner:

Mr Bungle are not exactly a normal group of guys.
So when you are reading you will notice that questions
are not always answered in order. But then again they're
crazy so what do you expect. Good Luck reading!!!!!!!

OnlineHost : After a long absence, Mr. Bungle return with their
           : much-anticipated second album. Mr. Bungle was 
           : formed a long time ago in Eureka, CA. Mr. Bungle
           : got their name from a funny little film made for little
           : kids to keep their hair combed. Mr. Bungle will tell 
           : you anything you need to know about certain 
           : subjects. Mr. Bungle is under a lot of pressure 
           : from Warner Bros. Records not to embarrass them.

BungleLive : oh

Max Warner : Mr. Bungle is 'BungleLive'
Max Warner : Hey guys, can you tell everybody who 
             is with us from the band tonight?
BungleLive : bull finger

BungleLive : westinghouse, bar mckinnon and the 
             drummer from five albums ago.

From Ewerasrhe
Question   : What films are the band into now?  
             Still love Blue Velvet?

BungleLive : the rainbow ones hosted by moose 
             skowron  we gave up on blue velvet because it offended us
BungleLive : we love blue velvet!
BungleLive : what's blue velvet

From Bungleism
Question   : who does the voice of the old man in 
             carry stress in the jaw and platypus?

BungleLive : the secret song (not STRESS) is cute 
             little Trevor Dunn from the Graham 
             Connah Sextet and on Platypus
BungleLive : it was THeo running away from a 
             broken tractor$

From Vader1115
Question   : what can we expect to see on the 

BungleLive : I hope we get to see YOU again!! 
             Dammit, we love your cooking.  Who 
             are you?$

From Wik77
Question   : Any cover tunes this tour?  How about 
             "Chicken Tonight" theme

BungleLive : Find my dog now!!!

BungleLive : Theo really did lose his dog tonight> 
             It was last seen in El Cerrito at 

BungleLive : er$%

 From Zena9
Question   : what telly savalas song were you 
             thinking about covering live, and HOW 
             and WHY could you decide NOT to??????  zena

BungleLive : Cover tunes? yes, a few Morricone 
             numbers and a little Joe Meek and $
BungleLive : Jeezus frigging christ zena where in 
             the hell did you get such a huge 
             fucking nose

From Guyvah
Question   : What's up with the show at the 
             Limelight this Thursday night?  Is it 
             to be?  Or no? please tell me so. 

BungleLive : Man, what a bunch of crap you people 
             are getting.  Give up on this on-line 
             schite and get a pen in you
BungleLive : r hand or play a real game like 

From Hemog0bli
Question   : What music videos have you guys made? 
              I know there was one for Travolta.. 
             and do you plan on making any for the new CD?

BungleLive : Warner Brothers told us the following 
             (this is no joke):$
BungleLive : We don't think there are any 
             potential hits on this record, so we 
             don't think it's worth doing a video
BungleLive : That's support that you can only get 
             from a fungus ridden jock strap$

From Ewerasrhe
Question   : Can I  pleaaaase videotape the N.Y. 

BungleLive : only if you sell us a copy for under 
             40 bucks$

From Jung 1983
Question   : why are there some empty spaces in 
             the artwork on the new cd booklet? 
             intentional or WB censorship?

BungleLive : Look closely aty the words before you 
             for there lies the mystery of your 
BungleLive : Send that two bucks and you'll get 
             yours, straight to the moon$

From Wik77
Question   : Are you going to wear those cool 
             masks this tour?

BungleLive : how hungry are you? what masks? We 
             don't know anything about any masks. 
              Who let this guy in my bedroom

From Hemog0bli
Question   : I have a single called, I think, "Mi 
             Stoke Il Cigaretto".. was this an 
             official release?

From Sedite
BungleLive : where did you get that?  Weve been 
             looking for the crooks that put that 
             out and we will prosecute them
BungleLive : in the softest, most candy-like way.$

From Sedite
Question   : what happened with producer John 

BungleLive : Last I heard he was fine after thast 
             littgle spill on the bananna peel

From Jeremy M
Question   : hey all! you guys probably think this 
             is stupid huh?

BungleLive : hi jeremy.  you're our favorite fan. 
             let's talk. just us and you.  where 
             do you live? we're hungry$

From Chynard
Question   : Why does it take soooooo long between 

BungleLive : jeremy? don't YOU think this is 

BungleLive : Yah lets really get some smooth 
             communicationm going here I mean this 
             is soooooooooo convienent like l

BungleLive : talkin g on th ewfsthe phone so 
             conducive to real conversation  that question and answerr sort of 

From Toaster45
Question   : if I send for the additional pictures 
             and lyric sheets from the album what 
             am i going to get (the disclaimer has me a little 
             afraid of getting a bag of shit or 

BungleLive : lets see you ask a questyion and I 
             answer then you ask another question 
             and so on.
BungleLive : then we can move on to the next 
             querstion  in a sort of followup 

From Bungleism
Question   : what is the story behind "the bends?"

BungleLive : have you evef seen an interview with 
             noam chompsky?"$

From Bungleluv
Question   : so will you tell us something about 
             Trey's art that did not make it?

BungleLive : Hey toaster: yes you do get those 
             things. No shite (watch your fuquing 
             language). It just might take a  few weeks that's all$

BungleLive : All of trey's art made it.  and i mean    MADE IT$

From Hemog0bli
Question   : What type of musical influences 
             affted you the most? You've covered 
             everything from Existential Blues to Queen and Elton John..?

BungleLive : The bends?  What the lyrics didn't 
             help?  HAHAHAHAHAHAH
             AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH oh funny$

From SassySirl
Question   : do you comb your hair?

BungleLive : Right now I am influenced by anger at 
             my dog and just a little pot

BungleLive : let's let MIKE PATTON answer that one 
               HEY MIKE!@!!       oh yes i do comb 
             my hair.  I am Mike Patton
BungleLive : No you're NOT!! YOU FAKER!! Blow it 
             out your web site$

From PapOnEggs
Question   : Who will Mr Bungle be touring with 
             this time?

BungleLive : cock boner \

BungleLive : MELT BANANA from Japan.  They are 
             better than they were 36 years ago$

from Jeremy M
Question   : hey! for this tour are you guys going 
             with masks again or are we lucky 
             enough to see your lovely faces?

BungleLive : Hey!!

BungleLive : We're so worried about our 
             complexions there's no way we're 
             gonna let the lights hurt us the way 
             YOU did

from Ptrator
Question   : Do you guys like surf.  I heard some 
             influence on chemical marrige

BungleLive : Surf is for pussies.  Tony Acquarelli 
             is the only legitimate surfer in the 

From Scott HOC
Question   : will you father my goat's demon love 

BungleLive : Did I say "wind" or did I say "wind"?
BungleLive : Is that a tear in your dress or a 
             tear in your arse

from Methd
Question   : will there be a smoking pit of 
             boiling vomit in the middle of the 

BungleLive : only if we have to look at YOU!$
BungleLive : soory$

 from stuhoss1
Question   : What inspired carry stress in the 

BungleLive : It is my conviction from which I am 

BungleLive : has anyone found Theo's dog yet?>  
             This is serious.$

BungleLive : Bruxism inspired it Look it up.4
BungleLive : No really, broken teeth.

From DMJ3669
Question   : where do you guys get the artwork for 
             your albums, that stuff is great

BungleLive : Bar and Theo traded off every other 
             note in the intro$

BungleLive : Thanks.  We'll give it back. we know 
             what you're up to, mom$

Max Warner : Back to q&a

From ActionLog
Question   : what's yer favorite food?

BungleLive : getting... fuzzy..... can't... 

BungleLive : Carne Adovada..... mmmmmmmmm good 
             stuff If any of you crazy new 
             mexicans out there have a good recipe then send it in? 

From Laura76S
Question   : Are you guys EVER going to release an 
             EP of carousel music?

BungleLive : Bar likes House of Nanking (on kearny 
             in SF ) Kung Pao chicken.  Trevor 
             likes meat and potatoes, Patto

BungleLive : n likes coffee, Trey likes cereal 
             with lice and The drummer eats muppet 

From SquidDaki
Question   : I think the best part of the album is 
             the minute of silence.  How long did 
             it take to write?

BungleLive : but monacle likes I SCREAM

BungleLive : you are a very observant listener. go 
             to prison now$

From G5Ramos
Question   : how many languages as a whole do you 
             all speak

BungleLive : Carousel music? Already did it on 
             Mercury records back in 93. Check it 

From TSU Marc
Question   : Do you always treat your fans like 

BungleLive : Do you mean to say, if you took a 
             census of the total number of 
             languages that the band as 
             individuals can speak or do you mean as a whole 
             as if we could complete sentences 
             that way. Sheesh.,
BungleLive : We love every last fan and if you 
             werent such alittle bag of crap we'd 
             send you all kinds of expensive glassware$

From BungleLuv
Question   : WIll you sacrifice small furry 
             animals while playing stuff from 
             Raging Wrath?

BungleLive : sign off now!!! typing schmyping!!! I 
             quit too.

BungleLive : not me.  I love this . sell me a 
             baseball glove from the sixties 

From JWhe
Question   : why isn't there anything about our 
             favorite clown on this record?

BungleLive : Raging Wrath was made by a different 
             Mr bungle from SOUTH eureka$

From Ewerasrhe
Question   : Are those legendary old Bungle deomos 
             (Bowl of Chile-0U818) still 
             available?  How do I get 'em?

BungleLive : OUR favorite clown is on this record. 
              Guess you have a different one than 

BungleLive : Demos?  They're all bootleg.  We 
             don't even have em, honest.$

From Vader1115
Question   : The video for "My Ass Is On Fire" is 
             brilliant!! Did anyone die during 
             that show?

BungleLive : That's from a bunch of shows.  Where 
             did you see that?  altogether, 
             seventeen people died during the m

BungleLive : making of that video, all in the 
             editing stages$

From Atticjfs
Question   : Why are the US. tour dates so 
             limited?  I'm sure their are a lot 
             nof fans in other states, Ohio for example, who would love        to see the show.  I know I am one of 
             those starved fans!

BungleLive : Bar just asked me if we're wearing 
             masks and i hurt himn$

BungleLive : i mean hymn.
BungleLive : Ohio IS a great state and that's 
             exactly why we're not going.  Don't 
             need to stain the reputation of the glorious buckeye state,       home of the first paved sidewalk (look it up)$

From Stuhoss1
Question   : are any substances involved in 
             writing and/or performing or are you 
             guys just naturally wierd?

BungleLive : Actually we only have a window big 
             enough to do 30 days for the entire 
             country.  We'll get there next spring, just you wait, bastard        lovee$
Max Warner : BTW, has everyone checked out the Mr. 
             Bungle web site at 
             and signed onto caca volante, the mailing list?

From AnalMenac
Question   : If Carry Stress is "sleep part 2" and 
             phlegmatics is "sleep part 3", where 
             is the first? did you leave any material off the 

Max Warner : sorry guys, had to do SOME shameless 
BungleLive : No, no substance here. Just the 
             either moving aty the speed of light. 
             As if you could ever tell just s

BungleLive : itting therte with your little laser.
BungleLive : I was on the pesky little mailing 
             list for a while. All I have to say 
             is 10000000:! Noise:signal.
BungleLive : Ask trevor about "PART I" It is out 
             of our hands.
BungleLive : To be totally honest with all of you 
             nice peaple... I personally, have 
             almost absolutely nothing to do
BungleLive : with any of this.$

From Ewerasrhe
Question   : On the first album there is a guy 
             speeking a foreign language.  What is 
             he saying (Day boo
Question   : chee, wah me la loo, chin me bom 
             bom????)whats it all mean?

BungleLive : I would like to have some noodle soup 
             with lardy cement.... That is what 
             the man is saying.
BungleLive : I am lost can you please help me is 
             what he is saying you fool isn't it 
             obvious. Can't you little ears
BungleLive : hear that it is a LANGUAGE LEARNING 
             TAPE. Sheesh!

From StubADub8
Question   : What was behind Merry Go ByeBye?

BungleLive : A rocket ship. Bye Bye.

BungleLive : Sheesh.$

BungleLive : fleece$

From Felicia00
BungleLive : What does the word "intern" mean?
Question   : Why did you choose your cartoon edge 
             that was in your last album?

BungleLive : if we understood the question we 
             would flood you with pastries$
BungleLive : Can you define "console"?
BungleLive : I CAN ICAN!!!$

BungleLive : OK< YOU>  $

From Teknoalla
Question   : What's the story behind mike cracking 
             up on 'ma meeshka' on this 4-song 
             rough mix i have from DV?

BungleLive : well, it means....cuh, the fugboat 
             dumbo    uh...$

BungleLive : That is classified masterial your 
             holding. It could get you in DEEP!
BungleLive :  SIX, that is$
BungleLive : Sheesh$
BungleLive : fleece$

From Mcarey5
Question   : What is that music at the end of Dead 

BungleLive : Didn't You write that forUs?  We 
             really like your work, Mcarey5$

From DrumNaked
Question   : How old are you guys?

BungleLive : Don't you mean: "What is that at the 
             end of dead goon? Music?"
BungleLive : I"M 3, the rest of the guys are 2 and 
             Theo's dog is 4 and lost$

BungleLive : 2^5-2^4

BungleLive : I mean 2^5-2^2

BungleLive : really$ Sheesh.

From Ptrator
Question   : What exactly is that part on the 
             first album               that sounds 
             like an outdoor hand recording of people? 

BungleLive : oh that?  You are way off.  It is an 
             outdoor hand recording of people and 
             the earth$
BungleLive : oiutdoor, of course hereioy is the 
             way akhjg wjksdh of ahkwa este  eat 
             at joesklash fdhnbvc

From MitchStuc
Question   : What's your favorite word, each of 

BungleLive : oops$
BungleLive : chupa mi verga, mi puta preciosa. 

BungleLive : I'd have to say is is "fuck"
Max Warner : That is going to wrap it up....
BungleLive : i love the phrase uh$
BungleLive : let me get my checkbook
Max Warner : Hope AOL still respects us in the 
Max Warner : Thanks everybody for coming and 
             checking it out.
BungleLive : how about "entrance"?
Max Warner : Hey guys, any closing thoughts, 
             words, whatnot?
BungleLive : EMACS is better. AOL is SHIT!
Max Warner : Goodnight everybody
BungleLive : did you hear? AOL is $%^$%^&%$
BungleLive : #$%#$ i tell you$